Work For It People!

Hey Dolls,

Let’s talk about WORK.
An interesting word, that without looking for a definition we automatically know the meaning. Even to small children, the word ‘work’ is not foreign. According to the dictionary it means: exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. When I think about work, I feel tired but somehow accomplished. I vision the hustle and bustle of people making happen what needs to happen in order to get what they want, usually cash money. It seems to me, and I’m sure many of you will agree, people actually working for something has fallen to the wayside. We hear about it everyday. From talentless entertainers winning awards to undeserving offspring obtaining large payoffs simply because they share a last name and prestigious degrees given to those who have never attended a class. The one that really grinds my gears is sex. Sex, “free” sex has become so commonplace that picking someone up at a bar and taking them home is no longer a script for a Lifetime movie. Right now, somewhere, it’s happening. What in the world has happened that we no longer make people work for what they want from us? Why are we so friendly with what we have? Our time, our thoughts, our talents, our space, our energy….our bodies. All of it has become a NO WORK ZONE.

Basic consideration for other people and their time, has become nearly extinct. How many times have you made arrangements or a ‘date’ with someone and they are late? I’m not talking 2-5 minutes, I mean 30 minutes to an hour or longer even. Why? If conversation has occured and a time has been agreed upon WAY ahead of time, why are you late? Granted, things happen, traffic, unexpected vehicle issues, family, work,but I’m not talking about those instances. I’m talking about, you agree to meet me at 7pm and you wait until 6:55pm to begin getting ready. It’s not cute. I hate for people to take advantage of my time and for me, it’s inexcusable, especially for the repeat offender. If we make arrangements to do something, WORK at being on time. WORK at being considerate and mindful of other people’s time. What makes you think that YOU are the only thing on my agenda? How assuming! Let me know that you appreciate my time and the fact that I’ve allowed you to have some of it. My time is good stuff and there are people waiting to get what you are privy to.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. SEX.
If you’ve ever had it, chances are you want it again and again and again. And it seems that it gets to the point where some folk feel that they are entitled to it. Be it new sex, or your old faithful, no one wants to work for it anymore. Why not? Isn’t it more fulfilling and fun when you know that you’ve put some effort into what you are trying to attain? This goes for women and men alike. Nowadays, first dates are often the last date because there was no work, or playing by the rules of the game in order to win the grand prize. What ever happened to courting? Has the art of tactfully pursuing what you want died? Sadly,that appears to be the case. Men are no longer required to wine and dine open car doors or ring doorbells instead of honking the car horn. And ladies are no longer required to be coy, say please and thank you, wear a bra, or just be a lady. For those of us who still have standards, it has become difficult to find ‘quality’ men, because he hasn’t had to WORK for anything or very little work was done prior to finding us. And it certainly has become difficult for men to find someone whom he’d like to take home to meet his mama. Why are we not working? Why has the thought of work become the plague? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s easier to send Dingaling and Goodgirl pictures instead of using the imagination. Anticipation is no more. Friendly Cooch and Dingaling for everyone!

For men, in the pursuit of sex with a lady, the only requirements unfortunately, are a few “good morning beautiful” text messages and a phone call here or there (If you’re lucky). That is NOT work! Pick up your phone and CALL HER! She wants to hear your voice,let her use her imagination. Personally, I hate having to text. TALK to me, WORK! Even in the situation where the feeling is mutal (betweem for real grown folk who know how to keep their feelings in check), and all that either party wants is sex, WORK FOR IT! Make me want to give it to you. Inviting me to your bed or offering to cook for me (on a first date) is NOT work! I can sit in the tub and get a wet behind and cook my own meal afterwards. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass. I need to be stimulated mentally before you can stimulate me physically. Feed my emotion, make love to my mind before you try to seduce my body. Give me something to look forward to besides your dingaling and a headache.

I can remember stories that my mother used to tell me about her being courted. How the fella would bring flowers to her house and he had to knock on the door and meet my Granny and Big Daddy before seeing my mama. She, in turn would bake cakes and cook dinner for her beau. Although, there was that one time when she baked a cake and forgot to put the sugar in it. It was a beautiful looking dessert, but tasted like dirt. He, however appreciated the effort. (She wound up feeding the cake to the chickens. A story that later repeated itself with me) ๐Ÿ™‚ Point is,both of them put in some WORK. You see? These days, you’ll get the drive thru of White Castle (true story) and fellas get a polish sausage, french fries and some Kool-Aid. What the hell is that? Not WORK, I’ll tell you that, and he’s NOT coming back. It’s like people are afraid to set expectations, to have some standards. Let me tell ya, you will get what you allow. And what you allow is what will continue.

Ladies and Gentlemen, set some standards, some high expectations. Make people WORK for what they want from you. All of us want to be wanted, desired, loved and adored. All of us. Let’s not be so eager to allow someone to take advantage of us. Make them WORK for it! Lay down with pigs, wake up with a little bit of sausage. Roll around with cows, you get covered in milk. Both go bad and spoil after a couple of days.

Let’s WORK for it people!

Smile, Pray, Love, Laugh, THINK, Live and keep it FAB!

(((HUGS))) and MUAH!

~Always FAbulous~


10 thoughts on “Work For It People!

  1. Wow. This is a long one. Give me a minute to finish reading it. What I’ve read thus far it’s a topic I can chime in on.

  2. Hey Fab !, Due to being married just about 16 years I’m not sure I can relate. My Husband is old school and still wines and dines me. We have are everyday life issues but for the most part he stills tickles my fancy. I often remind my daughters of the things my husband said or did while courting me and they laugh at me but as a parent I keep telling the stories. I think they are starting to get it. PS there are some good men out there!

  3. Great Dotty, people don’t realize that every part of life involves work whether it is relationship, your job, your children and what you put in it is what you get.

  4. Quels!!! I love it! He still tickles your fancy! LOL that is great! I do believe that there are still some good men out there. By out there I’m talking out of space. Jupiter or Mars. I kid, I kid. I’m to the point where I have to believe that Mother Universe is preparing me and him for each other. I just wish that she would hurry up, I’m not getting younger. More fabulous, yes. Younger? NO! Thanks for sharing.

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