Stress. Powerful or Powerless. Its up to you!

Hey Dolls!

How many times a day, days a week, weeks a month, months a year have you allowed things which you have minimal control over STRESS YOU OUT? That many huh? Tisk. We’re all aware of the negative side and permanent affects that stress can put on our physical and mental selves, yet we offer it so much power. Why do we do that? Why have we not learned to just let the situation go? If you find that you’re faced with a dilema that you can’t resolve IMMEDIATELY….LET IT GO! You worrying about it and calling your mother or friends and making them worry about it will not solve it.

I made a consious decision in 1994 (while steressing myself out) to just let go and allow what’s going to be to just be. Although, what was to come didn’t always leave a smile on my face, it had to happen. I also had to accept responsiblilty for what had happened and had placed me in the situation(s) that I was in. I taught myself that after I had done all that I could do, within reason, still with no resolution I had to let it go and let the Universe deal with it.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but remember, you are what you think. Your thoughts and your words become your reality. If you keep saying and believing that you are going to fail or never get out of the rut that you are in, chances are you never will. Think back to at least 3 times when you thought that your world was going to come tumbling down on you and just in the nick of time, the situation flipped. You were out of the hole, the light at the end of the tunnel was not a train. Often times, we stress over material things like money, or how will we pay our bills, our children, we wind up making ourselves ill. The reality is, sometimes we have to be stripped of all that we have, including our pride in order to make room for the greater that’s lined up for us. We can sometimes, unnecesarily create our own stress trying to make things happen that don’t NEED to happen. Trying to fulfill futile desires, then wonder what went wrong. Cut it out! When you have focused on your NEEDS your wants will get in where they fit in.

My brother said to me recently “Stress is simply a place between where you are now and where you want to be.” It was like a blindfold had been taken from my eyes. It made all of the sense in the world! Rarely are we stressing about what’s been, we stress about what’s to come,what we THINK needs to happen. The most that we can do, is with a positive mind and belief in ourselves, is to speak those things as if they were. You’ve got to work at it to, you can’t just speak it and think it’s just gonna fall in your lap. It’s not magic. 🙂 I personally am a testament to the power of the spoken word. Instead of moping around and wondering how things are going to get done, find a quiet place and meditate, imagine yourself where you’d rather be. It works.

Here’s an exercise I’d like for you to try. Find a quiet place with no distractions, meaning no phone, computer, television or people. Have a seat, it can be the floor, a chair whatever, just sit down. Close your eyes and breath. Fill your belly with air then exhale slowly. Inhale good energy, exhale stank energy. After a few moments, imagine that your mind is a mountains peak and your thoughts are passing clouds. Acknowledge the thoughts and let them know that you’ll get back to them later. After that, I’d like for you to feel with your mind every part of your body starting with your hair (or scalp if you don’t have any). Acknowledge that part of your body and thank it for the role that it plays in your everyday life. Think about how each part must feel and what it actually does in relation to your bodies function. Do this all the way to your toes. When you’re done go back to focusing on your breathing. Once you’re done, you should feel relaxed, rejuvinated and stress free.

From now on, whenever you feel yourself giving in to the benefit lacking stress monster, breath. In with the good, out with the Funk. You can only do what you can do.


Smile, Pray, Love, Laugh, THINK, Live and keep it FAB!

(((HUGS))) and MUAH!

~Always FAbulous~


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