Has the Art of Dating Died? Why are we so SINGLE

Hey Dolls!

It’s been quite some time that I’ve connected with you. I apologize. Well, I’m back and am ready to chop it up with you.

Let’s talk about dating. I’d like to know what the criteria is and are we being honest with our expectations. The whole dating scene has been an adventure for me, to say the least. For the past 3 years, I’ve lived in Phoenix, Arizona and have recently relocated back home to Chicago. Let me tell you, dating ain’t been no crystal stair! One would think that being as developed in age as I am, that it would not be so difficult to find someone, connect with someone worth dating. My experiences in Phoenix are complete horror stories, from black men not being interested in black women (something I’m not used to) to white men only wanting to “score” a black woman. Dating consisted of being invited to a guy’s home so that he can “cook” for you and offering you to spend the night afterwards. Um, excuse me dude, are you aware that people are paid at restaurants to cook for people? No, I’ll pass.

Here is where  expectations come into play. Most women are not hard to please. Make us laugh, feed us, and make us feel like the only and most beautiful woman in the world, then the rest is easy. It’s the lies and secrets that will bring the walls crumbling down around you. These experiences lead me to ask, What is dating? Do we really know how? Like, what are we supposed to do? Is there a template that we should be following? Tell me, what in all of hell are we supposed to do? If a woman approaches a man, she’s a whore, or a slut of some sort. If a man approaches a woman, he’s thirsty. How are we supposed to get to know people if we’re being conditioned to think that it’s wrong to want to engage with the opposite sex?


Talk to me people. What are your criteria for dating and do you think that your expectations are ridiculous and could they possibly be the reason for your singleness?


Why are you so single?






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